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Are you looking for the ultimate camping experience without having to forgo the luxuries of hotel accommodation? At New Forest Glamping, we offer our visitors the chance to experience the great outdoors… without even having to pack a tent! Our shepherd’s hut, which offers comfort, style and practicality, is the perfect place to escape the stresses and distractions of everyday life within the stunning surroundings of the New Forest.

Despite being a relatively new term, which was officially added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2016, glamping has been fit for royalty as far back as the 16th century. With 2,800 tents and marquees, and an array of fountains serving wine, it’s no wonder the Field of the Cloth is a prime example of how luxurious it could be. Located in northern France in 1520 between Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France, glamping has been a favourite of royalty and aristocracy for generations.

Another example is the Ottomans, who enlisted entire teams of artisans to travel with them from one military mission to the next to erect and maintain palatial tents. Professor Nurhan Atasoy describes of their lavish ornamentation, both inside and outside of the tents, which made their dwellings fit for rulers. Decorated as if to replicate pavilions, these tents used applique and embroidery to resemble tiled panels in a variety of luxury silks and metal threads.

In more recent years, wealthy Britons of the 1920’s embarked on African safaris to enrich their life experience and broaden their horizons. However, not wanting to compromise on both comfort and luxury, these wealthy individuals brought with them electric generators, folding baths and even cases of champagne.

Modern glamping offers a taste of the great outdoors by combining yesterday’s amenities with today’s technology, as well as complete escapism and a taste of adventure.

From yurts, tipis and pods, to bell tents, vintage caravans and even tree houses, the possibilities to create a unique glamping experience are endless.

Our shepherd’s hut, which harks back to the years of simpler and slower paced living, is the perfect place for explorers, adventurers and relaxation seekers alike.

Get in touch today for more information and to secure your booking.

Get in touch today for more information and to secure your booking

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